Did you know about Bikelinc?

Did you know about Bikelinc?

Bikelinc is an online tool developed by Crime Stoppers that allows the police to return stolen and recovered bikes to their rightful owners.  On the other hand, if you are purchasing a second hand bike, you can check if the bike is listed as stolen.

If you own a bicycle or two or five you may want to register your bike with Bikelinc. On the other hand if you are a bike retailer you can use this tool too. You can upload your entire stock list to Bikelinc and transfer bikes to new owner profiles once sold.

It is an online “real time” tool and gives you the best chance of repossession as well as reduce the activities of bike thieves.

You will need to create a free profile on Bikelincs website first.

Then you can add as many bikes as you like: you will need each bikes serial number, and other details such as brand, model, colour or any distinctive features. You can also add photos!

From an insurance perspective, If you experience theft of your bike(s), you already have all the details of your bike in order to lodge a claim through Avoca.