Workers Compensation Claims Management

The Avoca Difference

We will assist you through the lifecycle of the policy. We will offer you professional advice, source competitive premiums, and provide assistance with claims and risk management.

We are here to answer any questions you may have.  How do I lodge a claim? When will my worker be fit to come back to work? How do I organise a return to work plan? Will my premium rise because I’ve lodged a claim?

Workers’ Compensation is often the most expensive insurance purchase for our clients. It is also required to be in place under legislation. We work to manage all aspects of Workers’ Compensation through both our internal resources and external partners with specialist services in Risk Management and Claims Handling. We can assist all clients across Australia in managing their Workers Compensation and People Risk.

We also understand that despite all efforts and the best risk management in place, it is inevitable workplace injuries will occur.  We provide our expertise and experience to ensure your interests are looked after and that claims for your workers are managed effectively to have workers return to pre-accident duties as quickly as possible saving both time and money for our clients and looking after your valued worker.

When a worker is injured, getting an early diagnosis and an appropriate injury management plan in place is vital to ensure the worker receives treatment and is back at work as quickly as possible.

Avoca Services

Broking Services

We can provide a full Workers’ Compensation service in all state jurisdictions, including early intervention, return to work co-ordination, management of claims and implementation of our network of medical and legal providers.

Claims Management

Workers Compensation is about the wellbeing and recuperation of a worker and Steadfast Workplace Risk conduct regular, active reviews with our clients, agents/insurers, legal providers and other key stakeholders such as rehabilitation or medical providers, so they can create suitable return to work plans, have recurrent communication with all parties, look over payments and overall provide complete end to end claims management.

We have access to a GP/Specialist Network that provides proactive injury management, including medical examinations, assessment and reporting, helping to achieve return-to-work and life outcomes for workers in the shortest possible time. With an integrated 24/7 injury hotline, allows the injured worker to have choice whilst being able to access a GP/Specialist who are focused on Occupational Health and Return to Work.

This allows for effective and efficient services for early diagnosis, enabling injured workers to get the right advice at the right time. We provide the injured worker faster and more accurate information, helping to allow them to return to work and full duties in a more timely fashion.
With recent changes to the Work Health Safety (WHS) Act and the introduction of Industrial Manslaughter penalties, ensuring you have appropriate safety systems for your workers has become even more important.

Work Health and Safety

The first step of the continual improvement process of a WHS system can only begin once an organisation’s baseline health and safety performance has been determined using competent audit criteria (ISO45001). In addition to audits we can also provide services and make recommendations in relation to aspects such as Site inspections, Incident investigation, Workplace air monitoring, Work from home assessments, Health Surveillance e.g. health screening, workplace monitoring etc With recent changes to the Work Health Safety (WHS) Act and the introduction of Industrial Manslaughter penalties, ensuring you have appropriate safety systems for your workers has become even more important.

Workplace Risk Assessment of Performance (WRAP) Report

This report includes · Premium; claims; WHS and performance analytics · A comprehensive strategic claims management review · Return to work and injury management system gap analysis · WHS system desktop audit in line with ISO45001 requirements

Health, Wellbeing and Recovery

The ultimate objective is to assist our clients in preventing accidents and minimising losses to a point as low as is reasonably practical and to return people home the same way, or better, than they arrived.

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