Legal disputes can be unexpected and complex!

Commercial legal expenses insurance provides AFFORDABLE access to legal advice and representation in courts and tribunals when individuals or small businesses are faced with unfortunate legal issues and disputes that are not already covered by their other insurance policies.

In no way does this insurance replace General Liability, Professional Indemnity, Directors and Officers Liability, or Management Liability Insurance. It is intended to cover the gaps that your existing commercial insurance policies leave open and protect your business from potentially crippling costs that can be incurred.

Some examples of legal expense costs insured are:

  • Landlord-tenant disputes – for example disputes arising over the terms of the lease and alleged breaches arising from it.
  • ATO (Australian Taxation Office) Investigations or audits
  • Commercial Contract Disputes with contracts or customers
  • Assistance with debt collection – the policy will provide support for the Insured to wield pressure in recovering the sums due, and eventually take matters to court if this fails to bring the desired outcome.
  • Statutory license protection – Legal Expenses incurred in an appeal by You against the suspension, revocation, imposed alteration of, or refusal to renew a Statutory Licence.
  • Restrictive Covenant Pursuit (protecting a client’s intellectual property) – When an employee leaves a business, it is essential that they are not able to take client information to a new employer and this cover ensures that where a restrictive covenant prevents them from doing so is written into their employment contract, legal assistance is on hand to lessen the damage caused.

Cover can be dependant on the level of cover chosen. 

Your policy may also include cover for a “legal information helpline” for immediate legal advice and support and a “document centre” which contains a broad range of contract templates and guides ranging from employment contracts, to rental agreements, and wills.

The total premium payable will depend on a number of factors including the amount/ level of cover you choose and your individual circumstances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NO. Legal Expense Insurance is a Before the Event cover.

You are not covered for any Legal Costs & Expenses in respect of any Claim arising from or relating to:

any actual or alleged act, omission or dispute which took place before, or existed:

  1. a) at the start of this Policy; or
  2. b) prior to any subsidiary or associated company or acquired business undertaking being subject to Your management and/or control; and which You knew or ought reasonably to have known could lead to a claim.

NO. You are only covered within the territorial limit of Australia.