Legal disputes can be irksome and not to mention tedious!

Legal disputes can be irksome and not to mention tedious! Legal Expense Insurance also known as LEI provides cover for certain legal expenses of included future legal actions/ disputes such as court fees, legal costs, accountant fees allowing private individuals and families to access legal services to protect their legal rights. Most Australians have experienced a legal problem at some point or another. Taking legal action to resolve these kinds of issues can cost and arm and a leg and often be difficult and complicated.

What you can be covered for:

  • Quarrels/ Feuds over the purchase of goods or services or private sale of goods
  • A dispute with a neighbour to erect or remove a dividing fence/ or an injury to you caused by a third party such as a dog attack
  • A tax audit or investigation of your personal affairs by the ATO
  • Employment disputes such as wrongful dismissal or as a result of being made redundant
  • Inheritance law disputes

Cover can be dependant on the level of cover chosen.
Your policy may also include cover for a “legal information helpline” for general information and support and a “document centre” which contains a broad range of contract templates and guides ranging from employment contracts, to rental agreements, and wills.

The total premium payable will depend on a number of factors including the amount/ level of cover you choose and your individual circumstances.

Contact us or one of your Avoca appointed brokers to obtain a quote and find out how much this will cost YOU.


Frequently Asked Questions

NO. Legal Expense Insurance is a Before the Event cover.

You are not covered for any Legal Costs & Expenses in respect of any Claim arising from or relating to:

any actual or alleged act, omission or dispute which took place before, or existed:

  1. a) at the start of this Policy; or
  2. b) prior to any subsidiary or associated company or acquired business undertaking being subject to Your management and/or control; and which You knew or ought reasonably to have known could lead to a claim.

No – only physical goods and/or property owned by You such as an event which causes physical damage to Your physical goods or property including Your principal place of residence (conditions apply).

Also a lease or licence to occupy land or buildings is not covered.

No - Any Claim arising from or relating to:

1) a condition, illness or disease which develops gradually over time;

2) mental injury, mental anguish, nervous shock, depression or psychological symptoms where You have not sustained physical injury to Your body; or

3) an injury suffered at work or in connection with your work IS NOT COVERED.