Don’t let your machinery BRAKE your business operations

Many businesses heavily rely on equipment they use daily such as photocopiers, lifts, air conditioners, manufacturing machinery, servers and switchboards.

Consider a restaurant or cafe whose refrigerator has suddenly broken down just before the start of a busy period or a manufacturing organisation using a vital piece of machinery in its assembly line to help produce its products. The machinery breaks down due to a mechanical malfunction, forcing the organisation to halt production for several weeks until the machinery is fixed.

Machinery breakdown insurance will provide cover for the cost of repairs or replacement of damaged parts

The covered costs are a result of unexpected, sudden or accidental mechanical or electrical breakdown.

The cover can also apply to deterioration of stock if foodstuffs are spoilt in cold storage.


There are often exclusions, deductibles and limits which apply, so contact an Avoca Insurance Broker to discuss your specific insurance needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Air conditioning
  • Cool rooms, fridge or freezer
  • Printing equipment
  • Boilers / Pressure vessels


  • Cover precisely for machinery which is fundamental to your business 


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