Motor Vehicle Accident  Information Card

Motor Vehicle Accident Information Card

Most people are not aware of how nerve-wracking and tense having a car accident is (whether it’s just a rear-ender or something more serious) until you have had an accident.

Nevertheless, knowing what to do can help lessen the worry, by ensuring the incident /accident is dealt with correctly.

There is no correct way to deal with such situations however often in these matters we see insufficient details taken at the time of the accident; additional damages or claims are made after the incident and change of stories from third parties arise etc.

With the accurate information, photos and details your claim will go smoothly and you will be on the road in no time.

WA law mandates that drivers involved in a crash must stop and supply their name and address.

If you have a minor accident where both drivers exchange details and no one is injured then there is no legal obligation upon you to report it to police, still it is good practice to do so anyway. This is because insurers often ask drivers for a police report number.

Here is a card you can download, take a snapshot on your phone or simply print and keep in your car as a cheatsheet for when and if you ever have an accident!