Why is my Home Insurance so Expensive?!

Why is my Home Insurance so Expensive?!

The questions on everyone’s lips these days – why is my home insurance costing me so much?” and “why is such and such insurer cheaper than what you are offering?”

As brokers we cope with such conversations almost every day, and more than often we will find that customers will choose to insure with a direct insurer to save costs.

Getting a cheaper policy by tapping your fingertips and clicking a “buy now” button on the internet may seem appealing at the time, but may not give you that true peace of mind knowing you are fully covered.

Direct insurers can be fantastic for a number of reasons:

  1. They don’t charge extra fees like brokers do
  2. Quotes can be quickly and easily obtained online
  3. You can buy the insurance at your own time and choose the policy which you feel suits you. How easy is that!
  4. If you have adequate knowledge of the insurance industry, you can do your own research, compare different insurers pricing, policies, limits, exclusions etc. However doing it yourself can consume a lot of time.

On the other hand whether you possess extensive knowledge about the insurance industry or if your knowledge is limited, you may want to consider speaking to one of our reputable brokers for advice.

  1. Brokers have access to a range of policies with several insurers, which could be more expensive than online insurers, nonetheless the cover offered is more extensive.

As a result of the exceptional policy wording, you are entitled to features such as

  • Higher limits on personal effects and valuables. With direct insurers limits are lower and you may end up specifying costly valuables and jewellery which leads to increases in premium. By the time you specify everything over $5,000 for example your premium with a direct insurer will be close to what you will pay through a broker (inclusive of all fees and charges)
  • Additional benefits to your policy
  1. You have a dedicated broker assigned to you, who will be your point of contact each time you ring. Your broker will be there to answer any queries, make changes to your policy if required and also help you with your claims process from lodgement to settlement.
  2. We can also assist you with your other insurances such as Motor, Landlords, Business Packages to name a few. We also have the ability to tailor your insurance packages to suit your needs.
  3. We are there to assist you at every stage basically.



If your Lassie ends up biting or injuring someone and if they sue, you could be covered under the Liability section of your home insurance policy!


Insurance can be very easy to get online especially with the DIY internet trend we face today. But insurance is complicated, and not getting the right advice at the time of taking out an insurance policy can prove your experience to be frustrating and you could suffer huge financial losses.

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