Why are we a member of the Steadfast Group? Steadfast explains…

A Steadfast broker is a local expert with backing from the largest insurance broking group in Australia.

$4.1 billion in sales gives Steadfast a lot of bargaining power for their brokers. When it comes to getting just the right coverage for your insurance needs, Steadfast have a place at the table with the major insurers and you can be sure they’re listening. Our 280-strong network of brokers has this strength to call upon when you need it the most. So when you choose a Steadfast Broker, you’re getting professional insurance advice from a local backed by someone bigger than themselves, every time.

Why Steadfast?


Strength in numbers

Building Steadfast; a 280-strong insurance broker network that places $4.1 billion* in insurance sales annually has taken 16 years of determination, hard work and strength of will. A Steadfast Broker puts this strength to work for every customer, every policy and every claim. They’re in the business of keeping you in business, no matter what crisis or threat you’re facing.


Strength of association

The size of the Steadfast powerhouse gives us a lot of strength when it comes to the right products and policies to keep your business covered. We work with over 150 insurers from the big names to the small specialists, but we don’t just accept their standard, off-the-shelf products. Steadfast Brokers have a range of policies exclusive to them, bringing you exceptional coverage for your business and lifestyle.

Our strong relationship with insurers also means extra muscle when it comes to Steadfast Brokers dealing with insurers on your behalf. All major insurers have assigned a Steadfast relationship manager, who is our direct access point, to expedite resolution in policy or claim issues. Your broker will represent your best interests and will do what it takes to keep your doors open.


Strength of professionalism

Professionalism is paramount. Steadfast Brokers are required to meet criteria set by the Steadfast Group to remain a representative of the Steadfast network.

This is what differentiates the quality of service provided by a Steadfast Broker. Being part of a strong national network, brokers have access to exclusive tools, services, resources, skills and knowledge. So, you can be sure a Steadfast Broker’s professionalism is relevant, current and directed to protecting your business.


Strength of character

With a Steadfast Broker in your corner, you’re getting a local insurance expert, offering personalised service complimented by insurance expertise and support from a large corporation. As well as giving you access to insurance products from over 150 providers, we’ve also worked with major insurers to provide customers with a range of exclusively built and negotiated policies, only available through Steadfast Brokers.

We’ve got the scale to provide back-up for our brokers with world-class administrative systems, leaving them free to focus on delivering quality advice and service to you and your business.