What you didn’t know
about your Avoca Team

As our valued clients, you have obviously dealt with our fabulous team on a business level, but we thought we’d give you a sneak peek into their personal lives and interests.


Charles Elders

Favourite Drink: Red Wine
Favourite App: Camera
Favourite TV show: 7.30 report
Favourite Holiday destination: Europe
Secretly enjoys…… Being first up a hill on my bike


Larry Tyler

Favourite Drink: Red wine !
Favourite App: English Premier League
Favourite TV show: Don’t have one, I like Dramas Favourite Holiday destination: Europe
Secretly enjoys…… Mind your own Business, it’s a secret !


Vannicia Zafaranic

Favourite Drink: Water for now
Favourite App: Bus timetables
Favourite TV show: Master Chef Favourite Holiday destination: Cape Town
Secretly enjoys…… Gardening


Arnold Mervis

Favourite Drink: Scotch (Chivas Regal – when I have a drink)
Favourite App: EPL Live
Favourite TV show: Seinfeld
Favourite Holiday destination: Alaska
Secretly enjoys…… TBA


Mia-Carla Tree

Favourite Drink: St Clair sauvignon blanc
Favourite App: Banking
Favourite TV show: Winners & Losers
Favourite Holiday destination: Camping anywhere in our beautiful WA
Secretly enjoys…… The smell of rain when it first hits the Pilbara dirt


Ally Donovan

Favourite Drink: Coffee
Favourite App: The Simpsons Tapped Out Favourite TV show: Arrow
Favourite Holiday destination: Ireland
Secretly enjoys…… If I said, then it wouldn’t be a secret.


Shelagh King

Favourite Drink: Ouzo & Coke (after Sugar Free)
Favourite App: Camera
Favourite TV show: CSI & Criminal Minds
Favourite Holiday destination: Yallingup
Secretly enjoys…… Chocolate (after Sugar Free)


Sheenali Patel

Favourite Drink: Red Wine – Pinot or a Cab Sav
Favourite App: Pinterest/ Instgram
Favourite TV show: None
Favourite Holiday destination: Africa
Secretly enjoys…… suprises!


Simone Wilkins

Favourite Drink: Champers of course
Favourite App: words with friends
Favourite TV show: offspring
Favourite Holiday destination: San Francisco
Secretly enjoys…… Bold and the beautiful