The construction industry broiling the perfect storm!

The construction industry broiling the perfect storm!

From the outside, the construction industry would appear to be making maple syrup while the sap is flowing, but unfinished homes and sky high pricing mean builders are now paying top dollar for timber leading to frustrated buyers waiting eagerly to move in to their new home.

The government gravy train handing out $25,000 grants to eligible Australians have ironically only “added salt to the wounds” to the growing strain the pandemic brings.

Signing fixed priced contracts ahead of time, unforeseen costs unaccounted for, work delayed for weeks or even months is a sign that a storm is broiling!

“It all leaves the industry potentially in a terrible state. You’ll have half-finished homes out there which good operators won’t want to touch because firstly, it’s a liability and secondly, they’ll still have work coming in.”

Those who are still full of hot air will simply need to be vigilent.