Swapping pedals for the pavement


Running the New York Marathon has always been on Charles’ bucket list but when he happened to mention it to good friend, Barb Di Corti of Enjo, his dream quickly became a reality, whether he liked it or not!

Barb has been instrumental in organising Team Enjo as part of the Amnesty International New York City Marathon 2013 team, comprising of 20 runners/fund raisers predominately from WA and around Australia. She knew Charles was a perfect fit for the team given the work he has done for Youth Focus and the Ride for Youth. As that is in the off season why not swap the cleats for runners and take on a gruelling 42 kilometres through the streets of New York in the name of charity?

The New York Marathon, to be held on the 3rd of November, is the largest and most iconic in the world with over 45,000 participants and 2,000,000 million onlookers cheering participants on as they travel through the streets of New York, hopefully crossing the finish line in world-famous Central Park.

It is a privilege to be selected for the Amnesty International Team as there are only 20 places and entrance for the majority of the 45,000 plus runners is via a lottery. Each participant has been set a fundraising target of $9000 to aid in the protection of human rights both here in Australia and around the world. The team’s overall aim is $180,000 but they don’t want to stop there as so much more is needed for this important cause that affects us all as human beings.

If you would like to support Charles in getting over the finish line all in the name of a wonderful cause then click on the link and follow the prompts:



Noisy Shoes? You’re risking Death!

Imagine if you were forbidden to wear shoes that make a noise, or be seen in the window of your own house.

Imagine if your mother was sick, but banned from visiting the hospital, and your sister wasn’t allowed to go to school or university. Imagine seeing your daughter traded into early marriage or slavery as a way to settle a family dispute.

For women and girls in Afghanistan, these horrors were daily life under the rule of the Taliban. To disobey these commands meant beatings, torture or death.

This example is just one of the many atrocities facing our fellow human beings. We can freely walk and even run and that is what this wonderful team is doing in the Big Apple on one of the largest international stages to amplify these and other voices and help humans secure a safe future.

To find out more about Amnesty International and the wonderful work they do to protect and defend human rights throughout the world go to:



With less than 90 days left we wish Charles all the best in his training and subsequent achievement of completing the New York City Marathon 2013!