Is your Business Prepared for Christmas?

Is your Business Prepared for Christmas?

It is has been a challenging year for some with business battered by Covid19, however the most beautiful time of the year is only less than 2 months away! As much as you want to relax and unwind it is wise to take some time amidst the tinsel to sort your insurances out and take care of those nitty gritty details.

Here are a few tips for you to avoid the “Silly Season” Risks and to get on top of the “To Do” lists!

Be ready for wild weather

Christmas in Australia is the season of natural disasters such as cyclones, wind-swept thunderstorms, floods and most commonly bushfires.

Review the sums for which you are insured for your buildings as well as personal / or office belongings, important and valuable items to ensure it is sufficient in-case the Grinch’y’ weather strikes and you need to make a claim.

Protect your cash

As the festive season approaches, businesses may experience more customer traffic, more orders or more deliveries.

Busy periods may mean more cash on the premises especially if you are small business owner and you will need to be extra careful by tightening your security measures.

Take a stock check

It is a possibility that your business will have more stock during the festive season as you and you are urged check your sum insured. Underinsurance can leave you out of pocket or worse.

Notify all your clients of your closing period

It’s never too early to inform your clients that you will be shutting shop over Christmas. That way both parties are all set by getting any work completed and forecasting ahead of the New Year.

Sending Christmas cards and setting up out of office notifications

If your business sends out Christmas cards, whether they are online or by post get onto it now! One less stress before your workload increases.

Set up your out of office emails and make them fun. Be sure to always include an agreed upon contact phone number for clients in case they need to contact someone in the office.


No matter how busy you get, remember to make time for you and to spend with your family and CHEER UP DUDE, ITS CHRISTMAS!