FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the advantages to using a Broker?

As in all areas of professional services it has become increasingly important to have advice from a specialist. In the insurance industry, Avoca provides this advice and can assist in designing and implementing a programme to suit the needs of small, medium and large clients.

Avoca is licensed by ASIC to provide advice on general insurance matters. As a licensee Avoca has had to demonstrate competency and that its procedures and systems are robust and relevant. It also needs to continually maintain and update to ensure compliance and make sure the high standards set are continually reached.

Most people do not have the time to thoroughly investigate and effectively manage their insurance requirements. At Avoca we can provide peace of mind and save you time by offering you the convenience of arranging and managing the insurance on your behalf, we can offer you choices that will suit your budget or appetite for risk and the benefit of our experience and understanding of the products you purchase.

When an insurance need arises we rarely have trouble in identifying what markets to approach. For most clients getting this basic information is a major stumbling block but at Avoca our wide experience in various industries ensures we are always able to help. Avoca is also able to access markets unique to brokers providing better choices for you the client. As new products and services are being continually developed and made available, Avoca has regular briefings updating itself with what is available.

There is very little that we cannot insure making things very simple for clients. For any insurance query or claim a client only has to contact Avoca to have the query answered or the claim settled.

To be the most effective and to get the most value out of the insurance investment you need to have the full commitment of your insurance professional. Avoca has built its reputation and business on nurturing its relationships and working closely with its clients to partner them in assisting that they meet their desired objectives.

Q: Which insurance companies can you arrange insurance with?

As a broker we have access to a wide range of insurance companies, specialist underwriting agencies and overseas markets such as Lloyds of London. Some of these will be familiar household names but others you most likely have not heard of as they will only deal with brokers. Most importantly all our dealings are with authorised insurers and we have the markets available to choose the most appropriate product or programme for your particular needs.

Q: Are you able to insure one-off events?

We are able to place cover on your behalf on nearly any risk the market will accept. Depending on the type of event planned or the cover required will determine the cost and availability of cover on the market.

Q: What payment options do you offer?

Generally full payment is required before placement of cover on a new policy and on a renewal we allow 14 days. However if cash flow is tight or you need to pay particularly high premiums we are able to spread the cost of the insurance over monthly instalments by premium funding. Premium funding is provided by independent financial groups who pay your insurances in full allowing you to repay them monthly including their charge for providing this service.

Q: Why shouldn’t I take the cheapest premium?

Most people use price as a point of differentiation and when it comes to insurance a cheap premium does not necessarily mean value for money. Insurance policies can be completed contracts and without spending a lot of time examining each policy and knowing the market it can be very hard to make an informed decision. We would therefore say price is no indication of whether a policy is right for you or whether you are getting value for money.

Q: How do I know Avoca will do the right thing by me?

We believe in building long term and enduring relationships as this provides us with a solid base of loyal clients and a steady stream of referral business. We have no intention of jeopardising this for any short term gain. We therefore will always look after your insurance business as if it was our own.