Business Insurance Simplified


Running your own business can be risky but insurance is a great way to transfer the financial burden of these risks to someone else.

Not only is this financially sound, but it will also help you sleep easier at night. Good insurance cover will protect your business and potentially you as a business owner, operator or company director.

What insurance coverage might your business require?

The most common types of insurance are listed below:

Businesses in Australia are legally required to carry worker’s compensation insurance for employees and third party motor vehicle insurance policies.

However, your landlord or finance company may also insist on specific insurance so check if there are any other additional policies required.

You need to look at the three major categories of risk to decide what additional insurance your business needs – people, liability, your business’ assets and revenue. Every establishment is different, so you need to get good advice on this.

What better time to address your insurance needs than this new financial year. For a comprehensive risk analysis on what insurance cover your specific business may require, talk to one of our risk solution specialists today!